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Netflix Fights against “Orange is The New Black” Leaks

The streaming service is sending takedown requests in order to limit the visibility of the recent "Orange is The New Black" leaks as much as possible. It is known that Netflix directed one anti-piracy vendor to focus specifically on this series.

A few days ago, a hacker nicknamed TheDarkOverlord made public 10 episodes of the 5th season of Netflix’s “Orange is The New Black”. It was found that a production vendor used by several major television studios was the source of the leak. Netflix involved the appropriate law enforcement authorities. In addition, anti-piracy vendor IP Arrow started to submit requests on Netflix’s behalf, which only target the leaked “Orange is The New Black” episodes. This fact is also clearly described in a statement by the anti-piracy company, which is submitted with the request.

In the meantime, it doesn’t look like Netflix decided that the leak is a disaster for its business. This point of view is also reflected in several opinion pieces published …

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